Abs & Core Home Workout Guide + Flexible Dieting Fat Loss Guide Bundle

To make my guides even more affordable, I have combined both the 'Abs & Core Workout Guide' + my 'Flexible Dieting Fat Loss Guide' for a bundled discounted price of £21!

When you purchase this, both files will be within the same attachment. The Abs & Core workout first, followed by the Flexible Dieting Fat Loss Guide at the end of the document so please make sure you scroll down to find it :) !

Abs & Core Workout Guide
This workout guide is perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their Abs & Core at home! If you wish to add resistance/weight to the exercises, simply use objects at home if you do not have access to weights.


What is included?
- 50+ different exercises spread across 10 workout sessions that can all be done at home.
- Video & Picture examples of each exercise so you can see exactly how each one should be performed.
- Beginner / Moderate / Advanced levels workout breakdowns to suit all individuals level/ability.
- Downloadable PDF so you can take this workout guide with you anywhere!


Flexible Dieting Fat Loss Guide
I have designed this 12 page detailed guide to give you all the information you need, whether you’re starting off your weight loss journey, struggling to overcome long term dieting or simply just want additional tips on how to diet and live a flexible life at the same time.


It includes:
1. Fitness ‘lingo’ explanations.
2. How to calculate your maintenance calories.
3. How to calculate your new calories including the macronutrient breakdown.
4. Macronutrients – What are they?
5. Additional tips to increase your fat loss.
6. How to get back on track after binge eating/having a blow-out.
7. An explanation about what happens to your body during a calorie deficit/diet.
8. How to overcome long term dieting/low calories and not gain dramatic weight.
9. Tips to help reduce bloating.
10. What foods should I eat?
11. Answering fitness myths

After purchasing, you will receive an email with the digital guide attached. Please save or print screen the pages of the document within 30 days of receiving it.

The digital copy sent through email are only available for 30 days.

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