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This e-book is a detailed guide on where to start, how to implement, and how to achieve and sustain long term results through your food consumption.

Whilst sharing my fitness journey on Instagram and YouTube, whether that being about my surplus, deficit, or my reverse dieting phase, I have received so many questions on these topics which meant it was very clear to me that there was a need for an informative e-book to answer all these questions, in as much detail as possible!


Online there is so much information out there that is either extremely misleading, over complicating things, or based on old myths and I also wanted this e-book to hopefully help people realise this too.


I believe that after reading this e-book, you can achieve your diet successfully, whether you want to lose, gain, or maintain your physique.


I previously produced nutrition plans for fat loss, building lean muscle and weight gain which were all available on this website. This e-book now replaces all of them and is a 52 page detailed e-book that includes more up to date information.


Please note, this e-book does not contain meal ideas and meal plans.


Topics covered:

1) Why this e-book is different
2) Understanding your maintenance calories / Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)
2a) Working out your maintenance calories / TDEE range

3) Understanding energy balance (Calories in Vs Calories out)
4) What are calories and macronutrients?   

4a) Introduction to Carbohydrates / Simple and Complex / Fiber

4b) Introduction to Dietary fats
4c) Introduction to Protein
4d) Food group examples

5) Types and functions of micronutrients
Vitamin table – Types, benefits, food sources

6) Muscle building during a deficit, surplus, or at your TDEE

7) How to calculate your new calorie and macronutrient goals
8) Flexible dieting or IIFYM?
9)Are you tracking correctly?

10) Fitness watches

11) Eating and training in line with your menstrual cycle

12) Weight fluctuations

13) Metabolic adaptation - The effects of aggressive or long-term dieting

14) Metabolic damage and Starvation mode – Do they exist?

15) Can we speed up our metabolism?

16) What is Reverse Dieting?
How to Reverse Diet
17a) Choosing your starting calories
17b) Calculating your macronutrient split when increasing calories
17c) How to know when you have reached your true maintenance/TDEE?

18) Diet breaks

19) Weight and Muscle gain tips

20) How to maintain your weight gain

21) Does mealtime matter?

22) Daily calorie distribution

23) Weekly calorie distribution

24) How to get back on track

25) How to reduce your activity levels after a fat loss phase

26) Additional fitness and food tips

27) Thank you


After purchasing, you will receive an email with the digital file attached.


Please save or print screen the pages of the document within 30 days of receiving it.

The digital copy sent through email is only available for 30 days!


How To Eat

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