I have produced this workout planner to help anyone who has the goals of either 'Building Lean Muscle' or 'Muscle/Weight gain' and wish to know more about how you can train in line with these goals.

What's included? A 25 page in-depth informative guide that takes you through a step-by-step approach to writing out your own workout schedule that is personal to your goals and the time you can put aside towards your workouts every week.



  • Step by step guide on how to create your own personal workout schedule
  • Ways to train for Muscle Building
  • Ways to train for Calorie Burning
  • Simple ways to progress
  • Understanding your food and exercise balance
  • How your Menstrual Cycle could affect your training
  • Workout schedule examples
  • What to do now
  • Reminders about training
  • Workout based questions
  • Exercise Glossary

Please note I have also produced a combined workout planner for the goals of 'Fat Loss' and 'Shred & Shape'. If this suits your goal focus more, please purchase that one instead :).


After purchasing, you will receive an email with the digital file attached.


Please save or print screen the pages of the document within 30 days of receiving it.

The digital copy sent through email are only available for 30 days.

Workout Planner: Building Lean Muscle & Muscle/Weight Gain